Welcome to Jhana Grove Retreat Booking System.

You are encouraged to read the information on our website https://bswa.org/location/jhana-grove-retreat-centre/ prior to making a retreat booking.

Please refer and comply to the booking guidelines for each retreat booking.
Minimum age to attend a retreat is 18 years old.

BSWA membership is mandatory for all retreat bookings, while only BSWA Full Members can book 9-day retreat when it opens.

We appreciate your kind support for the work we do.
BSWA Membership for one year is available at A$50.
To become a BSWA member, refer to BSWA Memberships
For queries on BSWA membership, email memberships@bswa.org

To familiarise with our new booking system, you may make a Trial Booking HERE, for a $10 donation. 

For Ajahn Brahm Retreat, you are only allowed to attend one retreat each year.

When you are ready to make a retreat booking or if you want to check out the retreat dates, please click "Retreat Booking" at the top, middle section of this page. If accessing from mobile devices, please click "Menu" followed by "Retreat Booking" at the top left section of this page.

If you have a successful booking and want to start preparing for the retreat, please read THIS. A reminder for the retreat along with a link to a transport forum will be sent about two weeks before the start of the retreat.

Questions on retreat bookings, email bookings@bswa.org.
Retreat cancellation, email bookings-assist@bswa.org. (No Refunds will be offered if cancelled wtihin 7 days before start of retreat)
or Call Jhana Grove: +61 8 9525 3314


Members from related organisations are welcome to make a booking when it opens. Related organisations include: Buddhist Fellowship Singapore, Buddhist Gem Fellowship (Kuala Lumpur), Mahindarama Pali School (Penang), Suttarama Buddhist Centre (Terengganu), Ehipassiko Foundation (Indonesia), Bodhinyana International Foundation (Hong Kong) and Buddhist Society of Victoria.